The First Random Film Festival of Movies I've Lied About Having Seen (With the Exception of Aelita)

With Jennifer in class today and then at a conference tomorrow from 8 to 4:30, I've decided to try and watch some films that I have been lying about for the last few years (with the exception of 'Aelita: Queen of Mars').

See, the circles I run with, it was hard for me to say, "No, I haven't seen 'Breathless' all the way through" though to be a fair, the movies I am watching, I have at least seen parts of (with the exception of 'Aelita: Queen of Mars').

So here is the first, and probably not last, list of films of my own private weekend film festival of movies I have lied about seeing over the last few years (with the exception of 'Aelita: Queen of Mars'):

1. Jules et Jim: To be fair, no one has really asked me if I've seen this one, but for some reason, I feel I should see it.

2. Quatre cents coups: Yes, I'm lying on my Facebook because the bits I've seen were awesome. Sue me.

3. À bout de souffle: See above.

4. Pierrot le fou: I don't know why I feel like I should see this, other than having lied and saying I've seen it.

5. Aelita: Queen of Mars: I never lied about having seen this one, but hey, Jennifer said it was good and I could use a non-French film for this screening. I'm sure I've lied about seeing films in other languages, and this silent "classic" should fill in for the rest.

So, most of the movies are French, and by, well, two directors, so perhaps it's not so much a "festival" as it is "a French film weekend".

Either way, I've seen them all so I probably won't get through them anyways.

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