The Gum I Liked is Coming Back in Style (Notes 4/12/06)

1. Nick@Nite is running a 'Mad About You' marathon this week and starting next week, it will be on at 11pm ET. I doubt I'll really ever be able to watch it, but it's nice to know it's on.

I used to watch it a lot when I was in high school and I think it's a pretty good show. Jennifer keeps making fun of me for it, but if we're going to get into a "which TV show is better kind of thing", I think we'll find there's lots of terrible TV on both sides (although I don't think 'Seinfeld' is terrible).

Anyways, I guess it's going to be back on now so there's much enjoyment to be had when I can see it...and nothing better is on.

2. I only got through two of the five movies this past weekend as Jennifer did not end up going to her conference. I watched 'Jules et Jim' and 'Breathless'. Reviews will follow for all five films when I finish them.

3. We're having a pot-luck Easter dinner Saturday night (since I work Sunday's and will forever, I'm convinced). Should be good. We've bought some goodies for our crew.

4. I'm going to try and convince Rob that we should start a band. A Pixies-esque band minus Kim Deal (Rob's not THAT effeminate). We'll rock, I have no doubt.

5. As I type this, I am on the clock, burning DVDs for my boss in the U Iowa information arcade. It has two monitors on the same computer so I have like a panoramic thing going on and this window is one screen and the burning stuff is on the other. I wish I could afford this setup at home.

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