Are We Really Winning?

I'm worried that the way things are going for the Democrats isn't as rosy as it would seem. There seem to be, of late, too many things going right for the Dems and too many things going wrong for the Republicans.

I'm worried that winning the Senate, the House, or both, would be like being handed the keys to a brand new sports car- that's covered with gasoline in a room full of candles.

I worry that these seemingly fortuitous failures of the Republicans of late may be a setup in order to win more of a "mandate" in 2008. I'm talking about the kind of control they've had these past few years, but with the underlying knowledge that Democrats can't do any better.

You see, I think the Republicans could be setting the Democrats up to fail. Whether that failure comes in the form a new terrorist attack or $5/gallon for gas, I believe that the Democrats could be walking into a good old fashion booby trap. No matter what goes on in a Democrat-lead Congress, the Bush administration will find a way to blame it on the left (not that he hasn't already). However, if people notice that nothing has improved in the next two years, come election time in 2008, the Republicans are going to have a major advantage, and there's a lot more at stake in 2008 than there is now, I would say.

2008 is, for Democrats, could signal a change in the overall direction of the country. For Republicans, 2008 could be a way to keep the same train rolling right along, but this time, there will be the failure of the Democrats to keep the wheels greased.

Whatever you want to call Karl Rove (and I can think of a few things), he's not an idiot. He knows things are not going well for the Republicans, and especially not for the man he works for (not Satan, the other one). The best possible strategy here is to get their team out of the game for now, get Democrats in, cause them to fail (whether by skipping over some intelligence or getting their buddies in corporations to do something), and then use that failure to make big gains in 2008.

I'm not saying I don't want Democrats to win, I'm just saying they need to be careful. This administration is too sneaky. They seem to have their thumbs in every little thing going on, and I don't feel that the recent gains by Democrats and recent losses by Republicans are entirely accidental.


Anonymous said...

I worried about this too. Their best chance to avoid this is to go on attack the second they take office with investigation after investigation. The White House ivory tower must be removed: signing statements reversed, torture bills reversed, removal of illegitimate "Executive Privilege", and Executive Orders reversed.

And most importantly, this president and vice president must be impeached--simultaneously. Two great benefits from that. First, I think it's the only way America can restore credibility with the rest of the world. Second it puts the blame square on this administration and should buffer the Democrats in '08.

Hmmm.... President Nancy Pelosi, what a power grab that would be. Doubt Bush/Cheney would be removed, but the investigations would shine a bright light on the dark world of this secret presidency.

Regardless, if the Dems will at least push through some tough lobbist and corporate laws to stop the bribes and influence peddling they'll gain a lot of support.

scootmandubious said...

Nice blog!

The most important reason the Dems need to win at least one part of Congress, House, or Senate, is that, if we don't, The Supreme Court will be a lost cause for years to come.

Additionally, there will be no checks-and-balances at all, and our country cannot work with a 1-party monopoly.

Too much is at stake.