My Own Personal Joyce-esque Catechism

Like Jessica, I have no idea what Catechism really is, except for Joyce, so here goes:

How has today been?

Well, when we woke up, Jennifer decided we should go to the Farmer's Market. Not a bad idea, but when we got out to the car, the battery was dead! For about 45 minutes or so, Kecia (our amazing awesome wonderful neighbor upstairs) helped us jump the car. The battery was dead because this fan in the front kept running even after we turned off the car. Turned out the mechanism that turns it off was fucked up, which I found out at the local garage. Turns out that was easy to fix, BUT, we found out the alternator is only pumping 40amps vs. the 90amps it should be putting out. Therefore, we're getting a new one next weekend. After that, we did some grocery shopping. It's been a chill day, overall.

What did you do last night?

Went to a Halloween Party. We were the Nixons, but some evil girl at the party killed my mood and so I didn't keep my mask on very long. JTT had the best costume: A Mormon, backpack and all.

How did the meeting with Cole Swensen go?

By nature, I am a negative person. I am very mixed on how it went, though Jennifer seems to think it went quite well. I'm a long night away from not applying to the Writer's Workshop again. I probably will though, since I enjoy failure.

Ready for work again?

Hell no. Is my weekend already over? "Can't you just sort of zonk me out so I think I've been fishing all day?"

How's the family doing?

Jennifer's busy working on a paper. I get to flex my brain once in a while when she gives me papers to edit. It's really one of the few things that stimulates me anymore. I miss school.

My parents are back from a week on the West Coast visiting my cousin and my maternal grandmother who came to see said cousin from India. He had twins about a year back, so I guess she wants to see all her great-grand-kids. I wonder if she'll see mine, but I'm in no rush to find out.

How are you feeling overall?

I'm ok. I'm tired, and quite frankly, I feel really...lost? No. Blah. Just, blah. Neither good nor bad.

I could use a drink, or 30, I think. But I won't. "Drugs are bad, mmmkay?"

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