1) Johannes is back. He isn't TELLING anyone he's back, but is surprised no one knows he's back. But he is, back. Exoskeleton is linked to your right from now till he changes it.

2) This Plastic Americana (which I know you've all been reading in earnest :P, is gone, and has been replaced by The Ink Sessions. Same old stuff, just a new name. It will be the poetry blog to this, the insanity-happy-fun-time blog.

3) I'm still not feeling much better from the Swensen meeting, BUT, GC points out that he doesn't think I'd be Cole's first choice for the program, so even still, I feel she was fairly positive. I still don't think it's going to make a damn bit of difference, though, and I will remain working at Media Services until the end times. By then, I hope, someone will want me and my "jarring" poetry.

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