Victory in the War on Technology

Today, after many, many years of searching, I have finally stumbled upon an electronic copy of a benefit show from 1982 called The Secret Policemen's Other Ball, which, most importantly, includes a slow version of The Police's "Message in a Bottle" performed solo by Sting. OK, so Sting solo isn't so good, but this version is amazing. Besides, it's from when The Police were still together, so it's not like it's *really* solo Sting.

My brother has been searching for this since it came out, probably. I'm sure he'd heard it at some point. However, I've been hearing about it since I was a kid. Seriously, I have heard about this my entire life, and I've been looking for a copy for him for almost as long. It has taken some time, but thanks to a torrent I joined last week, I have finally found the entire disc.

I called my brother to inform him of the good news, and even he was excited. He told me to bring it down during Christmas (I still say Christmas instead of Holidays, am I going to liberal Hell?), but I told him I'd burn him a copy and send it to him as soon as possible.

I rock as a little brother. Officially.

Also, a fellow employee at the library brought up the point that CS could easily tell me to quit writing or to wait a few years before applying to an MFA program.

I hadn't thought of that, so now I'm not so "psyched". FUCK.

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