The English Department Experience

First of all, I like the English building. Something about it's brown and putty interior really made me smile.

The professor was AMAZING! She was really kind and really encouraged me in the direction I'm going. She didn't discourage me applying to the Writer's Workshop and English program and seemed happy to have someone excited by both.

She really wants me to hammer home that this is what I want to do, which shouldn't be hard. Normally, I'm the person I have to convince, but to be honest, I see my purpose very clearly now. I am an English Grad Student.

I'm gonna get'um! I'm ready to go, fired up, even. I'm going to knock out the Berryman essay in the next week or two and make sure I've got everything ready to go and write a kick ass statement of purpose. I've got a few ideas floating around in my head for it, and hopefully I should have it done quickly and easily.

I'm going to rock this like I've never rocked anything before. I've accomplished things before! I can do this!

< Insert Howard Dean Scream, but in a Positive Way >

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