UPDATED: Notes: 11/8/2006


(ahem, I had to get that out, sorry)

2. We watched MSNBC's coverage until 3am CT. It was excellent. I think Chris Matthews was a little upset at having to share the desk, but I think he ultimately came away liking Olbermann, who we love in his house.

Olbermann did a good job allowing Matthews to be the Alpha. I think his years at ESPN have shown him how to do it. Matthews always takes charge when he's around, and I think Keith was ok with that.

3. Dave Loebsack, our *new* Congressman from Iowa's Second District, is a stand-up guy whom we had the pleasure of meeting when we met John Kerry. I'm really proud of him today and proud we removed incumbent Jim Leech from office.

4. Is anyone else finding it hard NOT to be a jackass today?

5. I think the Democrats need to keep this in perspective: This is an interim gig. If we get too cocky (a la the GOP in '94), we could lose HUGE two years from now. If we're not thinking about the Presidential election in the broad sense, we're in trouble. We need to work quietly and well for two years. The risks are great and the rewards might not make up for a huge loss in '08.



12:57pm CT
7. Rummy's gone! 1 down, many more to go, but it's getting better all the time!

8. Montana's going blue!!!!

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