Christmas Time is Here

I'm sitting in Newnan, Georgia currently, listening to my wife's little sister screaming. We've been making fun of her boyfriend all afternoon (some of it while he's sitting here).

It's nice to be home for Christmas.

We'd been at my parents house Saturday through Tuesday nights after having driven the 15 hours from Iowa. We celebrated my Mom's birthday and watched their HUGE HD Tv, which was totally awesome.

We're here at my in-laws house, and Annie (Jennifer's 15 year old sister) has started the majority of her sentences with "John Ryan....". The first was in reference to a car she saw outside of Zaxby's that was the same owned by her boyfriend.

Later, it was in regard to a car he used to drive.

This began the last four hours of Jennifer, her brother Thomas, and myself, starting jokes with "John Ryan...", like, "John Ryan took a left turn once!" or "John Ryan eats toast!"

It's always so much fun here as there is this general joy of everyone being around. I, of course, enjoy it because with siblings fighting around me, it's like my own TV show :)

There's news on here almost constantly and discussions are based on what we're watching. Lots of fun. I really enjoy being here and I really love my other family.

I'm going to be finishing up my grad school stuff hopefully soon and also, I should be doing some writing type stuff. Maybe.

Back in Iowa City on Tuesday night after another 15 hours in the car that day. Should be fun.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds familiar, Watson [as she twists her twirly mustache end] ...

Happy New Year, Amish!