Be My Brian Eno

I have dreams of being a poet's poet, like the Velvet Underground or Pylon. One of those poets only poets read (not that anyone else reads poetry anyways) and is more influential than widely read.

I'd like to be mentioned in interviews as someone who influenced the person being interviewed and for the interviewer to be like "Who?" or "Oh yeah, I've heard of him!"

Deluded? It's ok, I'm on page 102 of a multi-hundred page microfilm order.

And today Wanda, another English grad student, told me it was "cute" how much I am worried about grad school, considering I'm going to get in. At least according to her.


Also, two poems of mine are going to be in the next Dead Horse Review, and two more in Le Petite Zine, but I think I mentioned that one.

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