The Pseudo-Sedentary Lifestyle

So I'm technically *done* with Berryman for a while now (and if I don't get into grad school, I could be done with JB for a VERY long time), but I'm still reading Berryman. Not so much his poetry right now, but rather The Freedom of the Poet, a book of essays published after his death, but that he'd agreed to publish before it. I suppose less interested in what he's saying and more by his strange word choice, word order, etc. He's a strange man, no doubt.

I haven't really written much of late. I read over a short story I've been working on since...November? I just haven't been able to complete it. I began writing it after watching Werner Herzog's Stroszek as an attempt to come up with some sort of grim ending. However, I've gotten a decent way through the story and seem to have lost momentum. We shall see if I finish it.

I'm just sort of in creative limbo. I was working on my first painting, but seem to be derailed on it right now also. I'm just creatively careless right now: I just don't feel like doing anything. Perhaps soon I will, but for right now, I'm just taking a break from thought.

That's not really true: I'm still reading. There's a book I got called Reading America but I have yet to figure out what the book is really about. Something to do with literature and media. I think. Interesting so far.

Come to think of it, the author doesn't seem to be entirely sure what it's about either!

Other reading: Joyelle's two books. Still waiting on Tao and Jim's books, but hopefully those will be in soon.

You know, I make it sound like I'm doing nothing, but that doesn't really appear true, does it? Hmm...

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