THAT Third Rate Burglary

1. Gerald Ford died. I was hoping he'd pass Hoover's record for most years post-presidency, but I guess Ol' Herb's going to hold onto that one. I was watching Ford's funeral in DC today and almost broke down when George H.W. Bush almost broke down talking about his former boss. Also, George W. Bush learned the word "integrity", which most nearly means "I don't have any, but if I keep saying it, maybe people will believe I'm talking about myself". It didn't work, but it does make me think about a time when Liberals weren't cast constantly as "Un-American" and we could work together because we were working towards a common good. I believe now that the GOP is only working towards making their backers money.

2. Which reminds me: Hillary is backed by big...Pill? Pharmaceutical companies are her biggest donor. Huzzah! Yet another reason to avoid her in '08. But who's out there to vote for? I'm liking John Edwards and I'm liking Barack Obama, but while my heart says "Edwards/Obama", my mind knows most of the country probably wouldn't vote for an African-American. However, as a student points out, "We were going to win the South anyways." Good point. Therefore, I offer my desire:

Edwards/Obama '08!

3. Jennifer's sister Margaret and brother Thomas were in a car accident on Sunday night (New Year's Eve). Some bitch ran a stop sign and hit my kids. Jennifer said next person who runs a stop sign near us gets the horn blasted at them. I told her I was going to break their windows. Simple as that.

4. There will be more Ancient League soon as my Mother-in-law bought me a bunch of new of those types of toys, and NONE with dinosaurs! Should be awesome!

Maybe I should worry that I'm adding characters as the idea becomes stale, like Cheers or other tv shows.

5. One of my letter writers for my English application is reading over my essay. I'm scared he's going to tell me I'm really far fucking off. Really really scared. Though I think it's probably a really good essay. Probably. FUCK.

It's due 1/15 and I'm almost ready to go. I'll be a wreck for the next two months or so, but tonight, I'm starting a new hobby: Painting. As many of you may know, Jennifer paints quite a bit, and she's going to let me have a canvas for painting an idea I've been working on since we lived in Athens. Should be good.

6. Working the kids hard at work. They probably hate me.

7. I got my English GRE score via the ISIS system, which is to say Iowa now has it. It's not good. I feel like a President undone by a third rate burglary that no one cared about until two people make people care. I hope my submitting it to Iowa (which doesn't require the English GRE) doesn't undo me, like some Woodward and Berstein situation.

8. Did anyone else see Boise State inch past Oklahoma? I watched the entire fucking game and it was AMAZING. I told Jennifer we could end up there in a few years, so we sided with them in the game. It was awesome. If you missed it, don't bother watching more football anymore. You'll never see a give live up to the hype created by this one.

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