One Nearly Down

The Workshop apparently started calling folks on Friday. They usually do that around this time. Or so I've been told.

If I haven't heard by the end of this week, I assume I'll be getting a letter on the 1st or 2nd of March. Last year, the letter was dated the second and post-marked on the first. Not a time for humor, but funny nonetheless.

At least it will be one headache out of the way. All the eggs will be back into one basket, English this time.

Jennifer and I talked: after I get my rejection letters, I'm going to take it easy for at least a year, at least with regards to actually applying to grad school. Probably take the GRE again or even consider taking some courses in the English department to get my GPA up, though they are super expensive and the University doesn't help it's employees out.

Either way, I'm tired. Tired of all this. I've put myself through it for three years now, and while I know many people have many worse stories than mine, I must simply take some time to recuperate from it all. I just need a break from this kind of stress.

I'm sure it will make my boss very happy.


csperez said...

again, good luck! i am pulling for you!

Amish Trivedi said...

Keep pullin'! :)

Thanks, Craig

Anonymous said...

*usually* but didn't you learn it was later this year?

Anonymous said...

why apply only to the workshop?...your poems could get you in other places...

Amish Trivedi said...

Thank you for saying so, but I'm not planning on leaving Iowa City for quite a few years.

But thanks for saying it :)