"Only Hope Can Keep Me Together"

My devotion to The Police during my teenage years was nearly comical. I suppose it was a period where I was playing bass not only in the school orchestra, but also in my first band, where we couldn't find a bass player for a while until Chris Ferebee's cousin Paul joined up.

The other guys hated The Police, probably because I couldn't stop talking about them. As musicians, I suppose I didn't understand why they weren't in love with Stewart, Andy, and Sting, at least as much as I was. All three members of The Police were incredibly competent players, and it's a shame that internal strife broke them apart after five studio albums.

But they're going on tour this summer, and it is my sincere hope that my brother and I get to go see them. My love of The Police is my brother's love for them. He was really into them as a teenager when I was still in my first decade, and so it was the music I grew up listening to. The Police, along with Genesis, Gabriel, and a host of others, is what I fell asleep listening to while my brother did his homework in the room next to mine. These bands are the soundtrack of my first years, no matter how funny that may be to the rest of you.

So with them getting back together, I want to go. Very badly. And not alone. I want to go with my brother. We seem to get closer the older we get and I think this would just be a perfect opportunity for us to take time out of our lives, and our slowly growing families (no, Jennifer isn't pregnant, but she will be someday...) and spend some time as brothers.

Being 13 years apart, we didn't have a lot in common while I was still watching Transformers and he was in college.

Anyways, rather than get sappy, here are videos from You Tube:

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