Our Kansas?

In my normal searching about for future MFA programs when we're ready to leave Iowa, I thought I'd check out the program at the University of Arkansas.

Immediate drawback: I'm not fucking yelling SoooooEEEEEEE for any reason. Go Dawgs, sick em'!

It would be difficult for me to go to any other SEC school. Simple fact.


How the admissions process works

You send in the manuscript to the department first. If they like it, they send you back all the application materials for the graduate college. Once you apply to the grad college, then you pay the application fee.

It seems stupid not to at least apply, eh?

Anyone know of any other program that does this? For curiousity sake, any program in anything, not just MFA. Like, is there a film program or History program that does this? I'm very curious about this...

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