How Italians Made My Day

In the normal course of Googling myself (only for images because I was curious...) I came upon a website called Cultura Libera. The photo, however, was not of me, but of Jimmy Wales, the co-founder of Wikipedia.

I have, to the best of my ability, attempted to distance myself from the Wikiversity project. Cultura Libera, accordingly, has quoted me in their article. Now, I don't speak Italian, so I'm going to post their mention of me, my Babel translation of it, and then my original on the Wikiversity site.

(I'm posting this because my ego is going wild. I've never been MENTIONED before!)

1. Italian: http://www.culturalibera.org/flat/index.php?mod=read&id=1131111948

Ma il vero nodo della questione - quello da cui dipenderà il futuro della «wikiversità», e forse della stessa Wikipedia - è stato sollevato da un giovane poeta americano, Amish Trivedi, autore fra l'altro di alcuni «wikibooks» nell'ambito della storia della letteratura: «Odio perfino avanzare un simile suggerimento - scrive Trivedi in una pagina di commento - ma mi chiedo se non sia arrivato il momento di pensare a una qualche forma di governo (governing body) della "wikiversità". Mi rendo conto che questa idea si distacca dalla formula tradizionale, ma ho la sensazione che non esista attualmente una direzione precisa, e penso che forse ipotizzare una leadership, per lo meno temporanea, della "wikiversità", potrebbe non essere una cattiva idea».

2. Babel Translation of:

But the true node of the issue - that on which the future of the "wikiversità" will depend, and perhaps of the same Wikipedia - has been raised from a young poet American, Amish Trivedi, author between the other of some "wikibooks" in the within of the history of the literature: "Hatred to even advance a similar suggestion - Trivedi in a comment page writes - but I ask myself if the moment has not arrived to think next to one some shape of government (governing body) of the" wikiversità ". I become account that this idea distacca from the traditional formula, but I have the feeling that a precise direction does not exist currently, and task that to perhaps assume a leadership, for less temporary, of the "wikiversità", could not be one bad idea".

3. I can't currently find my original. Would have been nice if they had cited it! If I find it (and anyone cares) I will post it!

EDIT: Here's another article, in Italian again. It has the same quote the same basic premise as the article, but, with my rudementary Italian, they clearly seem to be different articles.


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