This Week's Excitement

I'm a geek. A really serious geek.

I was not only super excited about this purchase, I told everyone I could think of about it also.

Purchased from my local staples, my only real goal with my new long reach stapler is to make chapbooks of my poems, and possibly write a manifesto of some kind and hand it out to strangers on the street.

I'm not sure about all that "brand identity" kind of stuff (is this a good LR stapler? Who knows). The woman at Staples tried to convince me that what I really wanted was a high power stapler. Ideally, there exists some combination of both high power and long reach, mostly for the creation of really long manifestos...
...or books of poetry.
I'm working on one now. It won't be available or anything, as I'm sure many of you are curious of...ha!
My own little chapbook ("Aww! How cute!" they'll all say.)

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