Notes 6/4/07

1. News up on JC Project

2. Went to Chicago this weekend for a whole 6 hours. Ate pizza, bought chocolate. Much fun was had in seeing Jennifer's sister Margaret and meeting her boyfriend Jerel. He's a good guy.

We would have spent longer in Chicago except that I had to be at work on Sunday...or so I thought.

Showed up Sunday at noon and found the doors still locked to the library and found out we were supposed to be closed. Would have been nice if someone had last me know, say, before noon on Sunday.

Jennifer's pictures of our Chicago trip are here.

3. I want to write "light" poems, I told Johannes in an email this weekend. He recommended Italo Calvino's lecture titled "Lightness" in Six Memos for the Next Millennium. He also recommended I pick up Calvino's book Invisible Cities.

I want to write poems that desire to float away, the words held together with twine, but tied well enough to stay down, and you're amazed by this ability because you expected to see them in the the air.

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