8 Random Things

Tagged by François

1. I have no idea how to do the funny symbol below the C in François' name, so I usually write it without the funny thing and then copy the "c" with the funny thing in from someplace else. Sub-random item: I can't seem to remember what the "funny thing" is called right now.

2. I have often dreamt of using my library power to see what people I know have checked out and then to recall it, just for fun!

3. Western Illinois says I might be able to start school THIS August!

4. Jennifer and I have decided to tackle our debt. There's a lot of it.

5. I, unlike Mr. Sakkis, cannot seem to lose weight. I wonder how he did it, also.

6. Two of the three people writing me letters of recommendation for WIU's Master's program (hopefully including Johannes) have written a total of eight letters for me so far, and hopefully 10 will be it.

7. I think I could run for office one day, except for being a minority, bald, and overweight.

8. I just recently finished watching Ken Burns' Baseball and thought it amazing.

I tag Jennifer, Johannes, Joe Bradshaw, Jordan, David Smith, and Jud.


François Luong said...

That squiggly thing? It's called a cedilla.

QuentinCompson said...

Ken Burns' Baseball is, in fact, amazing!!

Completely off subject, can you believe that it's been FOUR years since Oxford? I'm ready to go back.

Amish Trivedi said...

I wanted to go as soon as I got back!

Hope you're well, Russ!

QuentinCompson said...

I am, in fact, doing quite well!! Got a job, got married, bought a house, and now my wife is expecting in January! Life happens, ya know?!

How 'bout you? You doing well?

Amish Trivedi said...

Married and living in Iowa while my wife is doing her PhD in Anthropology. I'm applying to an English MA program right now.

Amish Trivedi said...

OH, and congrats on all those things. They are all quite wonderful (babies especially seem this way).

QuentinCompson said...

We each must have really intelligent wives! My wife is working on her PhD in Food Science (microbiology).