The Blacklisting


Does anyone mind that I don't like John Ashberry's poetry? I'm not going to become an outcast, am I?


I told someone today that I did not like Ashberry's poetry and they accused me of being homophobic! Ashberry's gay?!

Does that mean I have to like his poetry now? That seems even more politically incorrect!



Fran├žois Luong said...

I used to like Ashbery's work, but don't quite see why you should be blacklisted for not liking him.

And well, yes, Ashbery's gay. So is Bidart (I think, because he was published in BLOOM). Having to like the work of either because of it is not a matter of PCness but of stupidity.

I like Bidart's work, not because he is gay, but because "The Third Hour of the Night" is the shit.

Amish Trivedi said...

Thank you sir. I feel better.

And yes, Third Hour is certainly the shit. Ummhmm

David M. Smith said...

Here is a relevant article I found:


I come to this whole discussion not knowing anything about Ashbery, but I guess now I'll have to check him out.