We went to Minneapolis this past weekend. No, we didn't go to see Johannes' Mom.

We did, however, go see John Berryman's grave in Mendota Heights:

I stood in the rain with a tiny umbrella and said hello to him. They have him in a nice spot under some trees along with others that died in late 1971/early 1972.

We went to Minneapolis mainly to go to a wedding, though the morning of the wedding was when we went and saw Berryman's grave as well as the bridge he jumped from:

The wedding was fun too. Jennifer's first "Indian Wedding".

Where are my Indian clothes, you ask? Well, I was told to wear what I wore at our wedding a year ago,

and I didn't think that was appropriate at all.

My Dad has six brothers. He's the 5th of 7 brothers and the 6th of 9 children, flanked by his sisters on either side.

Brother #4, Surendra, used to live in Minneapolis for years, but now lives in Chicago near his daughter, and my cousin, Shruti.

Their youngest brother (#7) moved to Minneapolis from India about 9 years ago.

Can you see the family resemblance?

My Dad, Jwalant Kaka, and Surendra Kaka (Kaka means Father's brother)

The drive home was awful due to rain. We had to pull over because we couldn't see in front of us.

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