Recent Developments, or lack there of

Well, I found out yesterday I didn't get into Western Illinois' English program for a Masters. You'd think I'd be upset or bummed, and while I do feel like a loser, I'm really quite glad it didn't work out.

Two hours to drive for class, especially when winter in the Midwest sets in would be absolutely terrible. Who needs it?

Secondly, they couldn't offer funding, so I'd be taking out loans AND finding a part time job and probably still wouldn't have as much money as I'm making right now. Granted, that's not a reason I would have said no to them, and regardless of how I feel you don't *need* money, you'll still be pretty miserable without it.

So what's next, you may wonder.

Well, Jennifer is done with her course work, prospectus, and comps in the next two years. After that, she has to go to Mississippi to do fieldwork for a year before writing her dissertation for another year.

This means we're leaving Iowa City probably during the summer of 2009.

Jennifer and I had a very good talk about all this, and being the amazing wonderful wife she is, she thinks I should apply for programs that I can do during that two year period. And while it would suck for us to be apart, both of our parents were apart for periods in their marriage (my Dad moved to America two years before my Mom and Jennifer's Dad was Army), so we figure we can handle at least being in the same country.

But the focus for future schooling will no longer just be MA programs. No, I'm going to get back into what I've been wanting to do all along: get an MFA.

But I think I'm going to limit myself to the Eastern half of the United States, mostly so that I can travel home or to Mississippi with relative ease. Besides, I think there are enough decent MFA programs in the East that I should be OK. But we'll see.

Plans? Write more. Read more. Get more poems out there.

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Louis said...

Hi Amish,

Looks like we're both applying for MFA programs. You're competing with me for funding, I guess -- a rival now. I'll see you in Hell!

We should swap some writing and edit shit.