Your Own Personal Jesus

"Your twenties suck," my friend Jackson told me once. I thought maybe he was bitter, or just cynical, but it turns out that your twenties, in some way, really suck.

Regular readers know why my twenties aren't fun yet. On top of career issues, it's a time when you kind of find out that not everything is quite so simple. There's not always a mapped out path. Fuck, sometimes there are no roads at all!

People, in times of difficulty, turn to various things: drugs/alcohol, religion, friends, family. They find help filling the gaps they feel are missing in their lives. I think this is where people who go the religion route end up in that "Born-again" area. Scary stuff.

I too, however, have, in my own way, become "Born again". Something I thought I had fallen away from in my youth that now, finding it again, I feel somehow comforted. I feel more complete with it than without. It hugs me when I'm down and celebrates with me when I'm up.

I'm talking, of course, about baseball.

I'd grown tired of it as a pre-teen. I simply couldn't continue watching people who walked away from a game they supposedly loved over more money than the average American will ever see in their lifetime.

But something brought me back. Some enjoyment that I had forgotten about came flooding back at the end of last season, and while I passed it off initially, at the beginning of this season, I eagerly awaited each game and to read about baseball. Jennifer bought some books for me last Christmas, and as I have read them, the spark has grown.

And so I am with you now, baseball. Who could have guessed I would be welcomed back by baseball so easily? It's as if I never left at all.

That, to a great extent, is the beauty of baseball. "The one constant throughout the years," writes Kinsella, "is baseball". The nation has changed, and sure, baseball has too, but mostly, the game is the same as it ever was.

And so I have come to the top of the moutain, my friends, or better yet, the hill. "The Hill" at UGA was where you could see the baseball games and drink beer overlooking the game.

Thou hast made me endless, such is thy pleasure. This frail vessel thou
emptiest again and again, and fillest it ever with fresh life.


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