Notes 9/2

1. It's a long weekend. I'm just getting into it- I think I'm going to need more days than 3.

2. Went to the Quad Cities this weekend with Rob and Juli so Jennifer and Juli could hit a wedding dress shop. The dress Juli found there is very her. Rob and I went and stuffed ourselves silly at a casino buffett among the oxygen-tanked folks throwing their money away. Mmmm shrimp!

3. Station to Station is slowing becoming one of my favorite Bowie albums. I'm in the middle of a Station to Station/"Heroes"/Low kick. I loved Bowie before, but was rather restricting myself to Hunky Dory, Ziggy Stardust... , and Diamond Dogs. Cocaine-Bowie is still good Bowie. I'm hoping to jump into Young Americans, Aladdin Sane, The Lodger, and Scary Monsters soon.

4. Working 3 days this week, but ten hours Tuesday, nine on Wednesday and Thursday each. I'm back to Sundays a week from today.

5. Planning my Chicago trip in October with my brother to see Genesis. I'm thinking about taking Greyhound so as to maximize my time there and minimize my cost. Greyhound can get me there by 7am vs. 6pm with Amtrak. Amtrak may screw me on time anyways and I'm not going to risk being late to the concert. I'd rather bum around until my brother gets in town around 11am.

Anyone with suggestions with a Chicago morning is more than welcome to share with me!

6. Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup, or something like that.

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