Notes 9/23

1. We saw Lewis Black last night at Hancher. Not only was he totally awesome, he was also very polite when we met him after and got his autograph, which I will scan and post soon. I told him I'd seen him a few years ago at Georgia Tech (hissssssssssss) and he thanked me for being supportive. I told Jennifer that he's so great that I hope I can continue to see him for years to come. Did you all know he's 59?!

2. We got tickets for Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello, who are coming to Iowa City on October 24. We are STOKED. Johannes: eat your heart out!

3. Each Friday afternoon, I have been going to the International Writing Program's Translation Workshop. I was told to come down despite the fact that it is a class for which people are signed up. I am, obviously, not taking the class, despite the fact that I am going to end up doing a lot of the work for it. This includes being assigned a writer who has traveled from elsewhere (in my case, I am working with Aziz Shakir-Tash of Bulgaria), working on some translations with him and then having a day where we present his work. Obviously, because I'm not being graded, I am not too worried about it, I just want to have fun, meet people, and get much needed intellectual stimulation. My other goal, of course, is to help Aziz brush up his poetry to the best of my ability.

4. I've been writing poems of late myself. Not all of them are golden, of course, but some of them I've been quite happy with. Talking with Matthew Henriksen and François of late, I realized I have not submitted any poems in quite a long while, but it seems like no one is reading right now either! Strange....

5. Speaking of Matt Henriksen, Typo 10 is out and about with some awesome folks in it. Awesome poems by awesome folks in an awesome publication- whoda thunk? Foust, Tost, Hart, etc.

6. It occurs to me I'll be applying to grad school again in a year or so. It's nice not worrying about this year, though I'm not completely without thoughts on next year. For example, I think I can get two people to write letters for me (right, Johannes?) but who will three be? If only there were some demand to write letters for me, I could start a reality show.

7. Also, since I will have worked here nearly four years by the time we're ready to leave Iowa City in the summer of 2009, I will get to leave at the same time a student I have worked with since I started here. Greg and I will go out together in a blaze of glory, no doubt. During baseball season to boot!

8. Sigh, the Braves are done for and have been for some time.

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François Luong said...

isn't name-dropping a totally hipster thing?