Notes 10/23

1. Today's Mole Day.

2. Were you aware that I use these Notes posts in order to avoid writing actual posts about things? It's a good catch-all.

3. I'm glad the Red Sox are in the World Series. Sure, they're becoming awfully Yankee-like, but at least they don't have the arrogance that comes with money. I told Jennifer if we ever end up in the New England area, I may end up being a die-hard Sox fan, though I'd never lose my Braves loyalties.

4. Is everyone working on a book? Johannes has his memoir. Valerie Plame is making the talk show rounds with her book. Colbert's freakin' running for President (though I don't think it's terribly serious). Am I writing a book and not even aware of it? Perhaps.

5. I finished watching the film version of The Unbearable Lightness of Being and thought that the concept as a whole did not translate well but that over all I was happy with the characters and their portrayal. Daniel Day-Lewis, as usual, was excellent. I was less happy with Binoche and Olin. I thought Binoche began as terribly naive and sheltered and stayed that way throughout the film. Olin just didn't strike me as terribly Sabina-esque.

6. Going to see Dylan tomorrow night. STOKED.

7. We're hosting a small party for the Georgia-Florida game this Saturday. Sick-em!


Fran├žois Luong said...

I am not currently working on a book, whatever that is supposed to mean.

David M. Smith said...

Damn, I'd love to be seeing Dylan. I did, however, catch the new Dylan biopic "I'm Not There." Quite simply amazing.