Turn Me On, Dead Man

The week of my birthday was awesome:

On the day of, we went to dinner at Chili's, not because it's fancy and unique, of course, but because I spent many birthdays and happy gatherings there with family and friends. David, for example, once ordered a black-bean burger with REAL bacon, much to the confusion of the waiter.

It just seemed like everything turned out ok during that week.

For example, I got a new office at work. There was a large room off of our main room that used to contain microfilm machines. My boss Pam and I now share that HUGE room. We have WINDOWS, which I would imagine are rare on campus, especially for those of us so far down the totem pole.

Friday night (a week ago), we hosted a very tiny gathering in order to eat some Indian food and watch 'Pulp Fiction', which Jennifer had never seen, and I'm guessing will never see again.

The only bad news came this week when I found out I could not get funding for taking non-degree classes. Rather than dropping them entirely, my parents are paying for me to take one class, which will be Dee Morris' class on the anti-lyric. Perfect, right?

This week I received in the mail Mr. Goransson's two new releases, the first being his own 'A New Quarantine Will Take My Place' and his translations of Henry Parland, which I have been awaiting with great excitement. In fact, my initial read through took less than an hour, and rather than putting it down, I started reading again. My next read through, probably during my vacation to Georgia next week, will be when I take notes and begin writing a review/response to Parland. I'm stoked.

Oh yeah, and some punk kids broke my driver's side mirror and the mirrors of five of my neighbors with a red jack handle. Our mirror contained bit of red paint, which later helped in arresting the 19 and 17 year old perps. Of course, the amazing description my neighbor gave of the car while outside with his dog during the 12:45am assult on our street didn't hurt. He was even able to describe the sound of the muffler!

I've been writing, which is very good. Starting to think how I want to present myself to so many MFA committees in a year's time. We'll see..

Addison Godel, a former colleague from the UGA libraries, and I reordered the Beatles' White album into a one disc version. I'm listening to it now, though we did this a few years back. Though we didn't always get along (I annoyed him quite a lot), our aesthetic was similar and I think our version of the White album is excellent. If you're nice, maybe I'll Zshare it with you?

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