Back in the (Proverbial) Saddle (Again)

I'm taking a non-degree graduate level course here at Iowa. Professor Dee Morris is teaching a course on the Anti-Lyric under her umbrella of "What Else Can Poetry Do?"

It feel great to be back in class and to be doing it for a grade this time. There's something at stake here and I'm hoping it goes well.

Michelle, a Workshopee, is in the class with me, so it's very nice to know someone. We discussed blogs- a discussion Dee seemed curious about. I, for one, am embarrassed by some of the blogs I read, even 'poetry blogs'.

There are lots of questions to be asked here about what a poetry blog *ought* to be or *ought* to contain. I really couldn't tell you honestly, but I know that very few blogs really maintain their manifestations has poetry blogs.

Hmm, blogs and poetry = future research topic?

We shall see. For now, I'm happy just being able to intoduce myself in class without shaking...

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