Iowa Caucus

In case anyone is interested, I'm going to caucus tomorrow night for John Edwards.

I do not feel obligated to vote for a woman simple because she is a woman. I do not feel obligated to vote for an African-American simply due to the color of his skin. Is that really judging anyone by the 'content of their character'? I think not...

I do, however, feel obligated to support the person I feel is best for my country. And for our world. And for my family and friends. No, I don't agree with Mr. Edwards on everything, but I respect his positions and respect his desire to be honest about those positions, regardless of how wrong I feel he is :)

Sure, all politicians are crooks. Everybody up there is a politician, I know. But there's little good to be done by bitching about it saying every one's the same. Either stick your hands in the mud and get them dirty, or quit bitching about how gross it all is! You can either clean it, or complain.

Edwards doesn't take money from lobbies and he wants to cut tax breaks for big oil, etc. What more can one ask of a candidate?

No one's perfect. This is what it is.

Many have asked what one does during a caucus. I will find out tomorrow evening and report back about my experience. As far as I know, I will only be in Iowa for one of these, so I hope it's memorable. I'm glad it's a possibly important event.

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