A Third Party Spoiler? Hell yeah!

Walking back into work a few minutes ago, I was stopped by a fellow asking me to sign a petition allowing the Libertarian candidate for President. At first, before I knew what he was signing up folks for, I was going to politely wave my hand and say I wasn't signing.

However, when I saw what it was for, I thought I should help out the poor little third party guy. When I realized it was for a Libertarian, I thought, "Libertarians are really just a branch of the Republican party. If there's a libertarian option, someone's going to vote for that person. And if the voter was going to originally vote along Republican lines, I've really just helped out the Democrats!"

Victory? We'll see...

But in the meantime, I can take some comfort in knowing that I'm not just saying I want a Democrat in the White House in 2008, I'm actively attempting to make it happen. I'm not just sitting by in my Ivory Tower talking, I'm rolling up my sleeves and doing something about it. Granted, there's more I could be doing, but still, I did something.

And hopefully it will make all the difference.

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