Word For/Word #13

New Word For/Word- I believe yours truly will be in #14...

I'm pleased to announce that Word For/Word #13 is online at


with poetry and visuals by Carrie Olivia Adams, Kismet Al-Hussaini, Jim
Andrews, Carlyle Baker, C. Mehrl Bennett, John M. Bennett,
Chirot, David Doran, Tim Earley, Christopher Eaton, Jill Alexander
Emily Kendal Frey, Richard Froude, Alan Halsey, Martin Jackson, George
Kalamaras, A. J. Patrick Liszkiewicz, Adrian Lurssen, Mez, Catherine
Gustave Morin, Sheila E. Murphy, Cami Nelson, Amber Nelson, Marko
Michael Peters, Stephen Ratcliffe, James Sanders, Kate Schapira, Peter
Schwartz, Michael Sikkema, Joshua A. Ware, Ted Warnell, Kerri Webster,
White, and Arianne Zwartjes

plus essays, reviews, and a special section on code poems.


Jonathan Minton



from ANGOLA: A Dictionary of Names, Forms, and Actions

by Adrian Lurssen

[Teeth: A Methodology]

"Absolute north" is to "guerilla outpost" as "love" and "antelope" are
the bush they occupy: uniform urgency as overt as names on a skirt. The
range is an exercise, tame as a vase, and to talk is to occupy. In
time, the
range is a plain without end, an envelope of light unable to injure
Or an ostrich, and light becomes the uniform -lips, a skirmish between
what's open and what is tapping to loosen time.

The plan to explain is absolute, but only an entrance.

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