Flooding, Grad School (again), and Poetry

Iowa City is flooding. UI's Main Library, roughly 150 yards (if that) from the river, is under threat of collecting and retaining water. Should be an exciting few days. I thought I was only going to get one day off (Saturday) but now with the flood, it could be more. Hopefully I'll still have a job.

I've selected a list of grad schools to apply to. I'm happy with them and my letter writers are happy with them. Now I hope they are happy about me. Well, a few of them, at least.

I haven't been writing. At all. I sent off a manuscript for a contest at the end of April and since then, it's been a series of things happening. Here are those things in order:

* May 1-13: Mark Nowak paper/Dee's class finished up.
* May 16-18: Trip to San Jose, CA. to see relatives.
* May 24-26: Trip to Chicago for my Uncle's surprise birthday party.
* June 3-7: Trip to Biloxi, MS for Jennifer's grandfather's funeral.
* June 8- current: Flooding in Iowa City has no shut down our internet at home and we're in danger of losing power, though it doesn't seem the flood waters are heading to the highest point in town...not yet.

On top of all this, there had been the indecision of going to Georgia to see Jennifer's father off before he left for Afganistan. Fortunately, his departure was held off but for an unfortunate reason (his father passing away), but we were able to see him in Biloxi. At the same time, we were very tense waiting to hear about Jennifer's grandfather from May 21 until he passed on June 2, thinking we would leave at a moment's notice.

It seems like things have been on CRAZY since mid-May and I think Jennifer and I really need a moment to rest and have nothing going on. This week isn't looking good and the beginning of the next week (when the Iowa River will crest) isn't looking much better, but hopefully after June 18, things will start calming down. Maybe.

And that's when I can get back to writing and start thinking about what to put into my manuscript this fall for grad school.


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