About John Edwards

As many of you know, I adore(d) John Edwards. Jennifer and I were both elected delegates for him in Iowa. Though I couldn't continue on due to scheduling issues, I never lost admiration for Edwards.

And to an extent, I still do like him, though I'm very glad he hasn't won the Democratic party's nomination. While his actions are quite awful and I hope that Elizabeth beat the crap out of him, that does not change the fact that many of his ideas are similar to mine. While I guess I can't really trust him, if he actually does stand for the things he talked about, I can say that my ideals are similar. Minus, of course, adultery.

While John Edwards is very much done in politics now, and deserves to be done, I truly hope he continues down the path that he began after the 2004 elections. The work he did, regardless of his personal life, was good. This includes work in Africa and the Gulf Coast post-Katrina.

Too, I hope that Edwards follows Jack Profumo, the British politician who was disgraced by an affair in the early 1960s. He spent the rest of his life attempting to rectify his mistake and when the Queen and other English folk wanted to Knight him for his efforts, he said no. He was hoping to spare his wife any of the publicity— he knew the old affair would pop up again.

It's a good lesson for the new John Edwards, I think.

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