The Double Life of Art

Just a few thoughts...hopefully my own.

1. For whatever reason, it is necessary for people to justify/understand/contextualize/ “rein in” art.

2. After these things occur, or at least the process has begun, this justified/understood/contextualized/ “reined in” art is packaged for a mass consumption and defined as art that is accessible, unchallenging, and main stream.

3. Other art is labeled as follows: difficult; abstract; challenging; elite; outsider and spun in such as a way as to make any of that art impossible for the general public to even understand.

4. Art is divided into two and leads a double life, one of mainstream access (group A) and one of obscure inaccessibility (group B).

5. This second life is where art is allowed to blossom and fulfill a variety of goals that people set out for through aesthetic texts, etc. Movements and challenges filter through group B continually, creating tension and thus a counter-public.

6. Any time art of the second life becomes too popular, it becomes part of the first life at which point it begins the whole process of becoming contextualized for mass consumption.

7. The part that is contextualized remains in the first part while anything that is impossible to “rein in” goes back to being part of group B.

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