A Defense of Obama and Liberalism to Fence-Sitting Undecided Voters Who Will Probably Vote McCain Regardless

I believe the term "Maverick," which McCain certainly earned the right to call himself until 2004, implies a certain loneliness. You're not with a group if you're working against them, as McCain claims to have been doing his entire career/life.

That said, if the Maverick, and not the awesome Jim Garner version, becomes President, I believe he will still remain alone because the implication is that no one else thinks like he does, which means that he'll have to fill the rest of the White House, etc. with current Bush cronies and other Republican bureaucrats. So what you're really getting when voting for McCain is a President who has people under him who don't care what he says because he's "The Other" in his own White House. The mainstream Republicans who you yourself annexed from will continue to run the White House and the government.

Regardless of experience, because that issue has now been negated by McCain's own choice of running mate, I believe what it takes to run a government is not bringing in the people from the last administration but a vision, however murky, for the future. Vision's a tricky thing: you can't clearly state anything because you have no idea what kind of situation you're going to inherit. All the Republicans complaining about Obama not having a plan are quite naive: George W. Bush is the only person who can move forward with the same ideology regardless of reality. Any decent human being would adjust to fit the circumstances, which is why experience, sadly enough, isn't the greatest factor for success as President. I believe strongly that it's about having an idea of what you want America to be and finding the way there, versus forcing the square peg into the round hole.

I believe Obama has this proper vision of the future, at least in that he and I share a similar hope for what America can be. I believe McCain, in a very un-Maverick-like manner, wants to take America back to some golden age that never really existed except for those that were so sheltered from reality in the first place.

Now, the real issue, I believe, is that it comes down to what you believe the basic function of government to be, an argument my brother and I get into all the time. I argue that it is the job of government to do what individuals cannot on their own. That does mean helping the least among us in society through government and through taxes because there's nothing the uber-wealthy won't be able to do as a result of paying a slightly higher tax. I believe that "providing for the common defense" doesn't just mean bombing the hell out of anyone that looks at us cross-eyed. I believe it means strengthening education and health care and making sure that even the least among us in society is still better off than others around the world- our own brand of patriotism. It's not just exporting arms and armies, it's exporting the example of what a modern society can do when they create a government together of ideas.

If you believe that government is in charge of making sure people don't attack us, but that everything else is up to you, then I guess you're better off voting for the Republican. I heard a thing on the radio this morning wondering where all this money that the banks are losing is coming from. Basically, the person explained, it's all about promises. Say I tell you I have a million dollars to give you and you go to the bank and say you've got a millions dollars so they give you a million dollar loan. When you come to me and I don't actually have a million, the bank is now out two million dollars. However, people are still owed money, so banks dip into that massive pile of money- our money. So the $85 billion AIG got this morning isn't from anywhere other than our pockets.

It's nice to know that after 70 years, the Republicans finally embraced the New Deal. I know it was hard for them, but I'm glad they've seen the error of their ways. Unfortunately, as you well know, the New Deal was considered a Socialist tactic- a way for us to lean to the Left in order for us not to fall head first to the Right in a period where another formerly strong government that had fallen on incredibly tough times due to debt ended up embracing a far Right leader. But now, the Republicans have turned it into the most Capitalist act of making sure their friends still get their $26 million dollar golden parachutes while the people at the bottom, who got up and went to work everyday like we all do, get to go home and explain that they won't be getting to retire or do any of the things that they were promised by their bosses.

You know, when my Dad voted Bush (hissssss) in 2000, he wanted to change the culture in Washington- the Clinton "Every body's a Victim" culture- that he really hated. Maybe you're not fed up with how the country's been doing in the last eight years, but I sure am. We're falling behind other countries, especially the juggernaut that is the European Union. Everything America had been able to be to the world for the last 90 years is what the European Union is quickly turning into. Soon, the "third world" won't need America anymore. And I believe that begins with this election.

Immediately, regardless of what the rest of the world knows about us, they'll look at the election of another Republican as a sign that America has no interest in moving forward or changing. The ideals will be as they have been for the last eight years, and that's not something the world wants to deal with. America will be written off as lost- a once great nation that used to stand as a beacon of freedom- now a husk, a shell of a nation that is so crushed under the weight of it's own bloated systems that it's of no use to anyone, even itself.

And saying that McCain is a Maverick won't matter then. Slapping a toupee, a tie, boots, and suspenders on a pig still makes it a pig.

It's just a pig that looks like Newt Gingrich.

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