Cheated by my own subconscious

I was going to write a blog post today discussiong how American Conservatives have no place to go if they want to flee the liberal oppression of health care, welfare, and Gays.

And then it turns out, Slate beat me to it.

Read that while I cry in the corner.


Ok- I was going to suggest Austrailia, China, and Russia, but now you'll never know why. Israel's a good choice. Poland, sure, because they've foolishly stuck with us the whole time, but come on. Poland?

My choices are better, but now you'll never know why.

Thanks to Kyle Stine for making sure I didn't look like an idiot or plagerist for copying Slate's idea.


Why, you may ask, do I feel cheated by my subconcious? Because the idea came to me while half asleep this morning, rolling around in bed, ill.

Fuck you, brain!


Jim Gerl said...


I just voted for your excellent blog for the Bloggers Choice Awards.

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Jay Furr said...

Me, I'd propose they relocate to Mars. Or Cloud-Cuckoo-Land, if you get the reference and you damn well better.