Two Americas

Bill Maher is right: there are two Americas.

One America wants to be a socially progressive, European state and the other America wants to be an uptight, backwards society where people don't have to pay taxes to a government that allows all the guns you want and barges into your bed room to make sure you're having sex with a member of the opposite gender. That government has every right to your body and no rights to your money or arsenal.

One America wants to make it so that Americans can prosper by taking care of each person's basic needs (like healthcare). The other America wants to make it so that if you're not pulling yourself up by the bootstraps, you're being trampled at the bottom by those richer than you.

One America thinks it's ok to scare people by saying Gays will take over the country if allowed to marry, and the other America thinks that two people, regardless of gender, should be allowed to enter into a marital contract with another person.

One America wants to scare people into hating Gays.

Can you guess which America that is?

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