The Trivedi Chronicles Present: The Official Song of the 2008-2009 M.F.A. Application Season

It's an odd choice, no doubt, but here it is, in YouTube form:

Some lyrics which made the decision easier for me:

I got some money in my pocket about ready to burn
I don't remember where I got it, I gotta get it to you

You keep telling me I've got everything; You say I've got everything I want
You keep telling me you're gonna help me, you're gonna help me but you don't
But now I'm in too deep
It's got me so that I just can't sleep
Get me out of here; Please get me out of here
Just help me, I'll do anything if you just help me get out of here

Please get me out of here
Someone get me out of here
Just help me I'll do anything, anything
If you'll just help get me out of here
Tonight I'm gonna make it right
Tonight, tonight, tonight.

Also, though no one asked, here is the final list of MFA programs I applied/am applying to (in some sub-concious order, i.e. the order in which they popped into my head):

1. Brown University
2. University of Massachusetts-Amherst
3. University Texas at Austin
4. University of Michigan
5. Indiana University
6. University of Alabama
7. Washington University, St. Louis
8. University of Notre Dame
9. Illinois State University (M.A. program)
10. Syracuse University
11. University of Arkansas
12. University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)
13. Columbia College, Chicago

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Fulmer said...

Much luck, my hairy friend.