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The Music of Athens, Georgia

Jennifer and I are just to the right of the photographer in this photo of Pylon in 2005. Fantastic show. I was wearing a "University Exploratory Forces" shirt Jennifer made me- mostly to make Gilbert, my awesome boss at the UGA Hargrett Library laugh. I believe he did.

I had this dream when I went to Athens that my "music career," which had just started performance-wise in January of 2001, would pick up because Athens was where you went to become a musician, especially if you grew up in the SouthEast. (I was 18- cut me some slack). Maybe you go to New York if you're from Watertown, MA, but Athens was it for us. Besides, I realized I had trouble working with others on creative projects- one of the many reasons why I stopped collecting poems in a notebook and started working on them, almost a full-time gig at this point.

I've thought many times and even outlined a story- turning Athens into Joyce's Dublin- kind of. But perhaps I'm not removed enough yet. While Athens is easy to romanticize for me, it hasn't yet reached the point of an abstraction. Perhaps as the specific memories of this beloved place fade, I'll be able to write about it.

Also, my attention span doesn't work with a narrative/story format. You can blame that on Athens as well.

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