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Normally, going to our friend's Rob and Juli's place is a real pleasure. Jennifer and I love spending time with them. We were scheduled to be at their place by 6pm, and since I got off work at 5pm, we figured we'd hit the grocery store and pick up some things we needed. Nothing too exciting: just some of the basics.

Since we had milk, we figured we'd swing by home and drop off the bulk of the purchases, save for some soy ice cream sandwiches we purchased for the evening (Juli being intolerant of lactose). I offered to run in since it was barely an arm full and noticed that the mailbox was propped open by something inside of it.

I realized that it must be an envelope from Action Books containing my dual purchase of Sandy Florian's The Tree of No and also Lara Glenum's Maximum Gaga.

Rather than take the envelope inside, I privately planned to take the books with me and hope to thumb through them while sitting at Rob and Juli's. This isn't to say that I planned for the evening to be boring, but I figured while Jennifer, Rob and Juli were busy talking about their plans for the next semester, I'd get a few minutes to begin enjoying my new purchases.

This was complicated, however, by the fact that I had gotten hit on the head within the last two hours by a 16mm film which fell from the top of a shelving unit in the basement. Greg, who I've mentioned many a time in this blog, and I have been slaving away in the basement, reorganizing films that had been displaced by the flood this past summer.

I was a little worried to say the least- what if this heavy film has completely destroyed my mental faculties? I'm hoping to start an MFA program this fall- I knew God would never allow me to be successful- but I didn't want to worry anyone too much.

Upon arriving at Rob and Juli's we check my pupils to see if they were dilating and I also took some Ibuprofen, planning on the pain to come eventually. It was around this time that Rob noticed the two books in the envelope I had brought along, commenting immediately on the cover of Lara's book.

"This is kind of freaky...and awesome!"

After dinner, we sat down, and I was still feeling a bit of fuzziness post-head injury. Nothing was wrong though, as a concussion would have manifested itself within the first hour or so, according to Jennifer's Mom, a former nurse. As we settled down to watch "Keeping Up Appearances," the BritCom, Rob and I looked over both books, especially spending time on Maximum Gaga.

Immediately, we were taken over by Lara's continuing (well, I knew "continuing" ...Rob generally isn't into contemporary poetry and certainly wouldn't know Lara's previous juggernaut, The Hounds of No) fascination with the Grotesque and Gothic themes. Part of this is an interest in the body and in carnality- certainly one of the central ideas of Gurlesque (if you're into the whole movement thing).

While I've finished reading the book, I'm not up to the review yet- I haven't written a decent review yet, certainly- but all I can say is that if you're reading this blog, you're probably someone who ought to own this book.

Review? Hopefully...eventually...

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