The Obama Scorecard

Many who disliked Obama are on a fantastic kick of trying to find every flaw in everything the guy has done so far (hasn't even been a weak and America's already ruined, right?). That's cool- we did the same thing to Bush and were called Un-American and Un-Patriotic for not supporting "our" President. I won't go the same route, mostly because I'm not an asshole. You shouldn't support anything simply because you feel you should. You should want to support something.

Anyways, for those of you interested in finding fault in the guy, and for those of you who are able to be "objective" in viewing him (ie not in love with everything the guy does, but not out to watch him fail like that bacon of Fatassery, Rush Limbaugh), then you might enjoy this site:

The Obameter: Tracking Obama's Campaign Promises

I'm not sure of the bias of the site, though I'm sure both sides will find something they don't like, which means it's probably quite good.

I'll add a label for "Obameter" so that there is a link on the right hand side towards the bottom of this page.

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