Selections From Episode III, a Beard of Bees E-Chap

I'm really proud of these poems. Maybe the first significant set I started working on after I moved to Iowa City.

The poems were initially meant to be funny and vulgar, and here in the selected set, Eric Elshtain's done a fantastic job of picking some of the best of the entire set, which is actually 37 poems long. They're all short-ish.

Johannes calls them my "Parland poems," and they are that: poems that attempt to extract the silliness out of the random situations we find ourselves in. I remember Johannes really loving a great majority of these poems, and if anything, these are dedicated to him, and of course, Henry Parland.

Parland really touched upon something with language and thematically, in terms of the banality of things that happen to all of us, even if Parland didn't live long enough to see the technological marvels of the 20th century. You could probably show someone Parland's poems right now and they would wonder who wrote these very modern, very new poems. It's my opinion that anyone reading Parland in 2109 will feel the same way: for dying at 22, Parland fits every era.

I've been in talks with another publisher to put out the whole set, but until that happens, I'm very thankful for Eric's help in getting these out.

Hope you all find them as much fun!

Selections from Episode III
from Beard of Bees.


Unknown said...

enjoyed your chapbook. After reading it last night I went to sleep and had a dream about a Polish batman with giant rubber testicles. It is a good way to begin the week.

Amish Trivedi said...

I've been having that dream every night for years. I'm glad someone else can suffer it as well :).

Thanks commenting/reading!