Speaking of David...

David talks about his run in with Neil Boortz when we were in high school so many years ago.

David does not mention that:

a) it was AP European history
b) we were watching a video (Kenneth Clark's 'Civilisation')
c) we and many others were asleep
d) I bet David a penny that year that he would not read an entire book of 1000+ pages that we didn't have to read. He swore he would. I won the penny easily.
e) D has nothing to do with the story other than me winning a bet.
f) we both did incredibly well on our AP exams, despite Neil Boortz and his attempts at ruining David's life. And despite sleeping a lot in that class.

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David M. Smith said...

I just wrote a Norwegian translation of the Boortz episode for my Norwegian class. I can send that along if anyone cares