I'm alive, just have nothing terribly good to write about of late. Still working on "Sound/Chest." Planning a move to Providence at the end of July. Took a trip there last week and had a blast.

Oh, and Jennifer's a Mets fan. I feel betrayed, but at least she's kind of getting into baseball.

My fantasy team sucks again.

Sold a bunch of books and bought pants.

Thinking about buying some cheap guitar pedals from Danelectro- like $12 a pop. They seem to sound good and I don't do a lot of "stomping."

Our place in Providence is out of our price range but happily worth it. It's beautiful and the landlord is a classy guy, much like our current landlord, Kermit. We've had some luck, to say the least.

Jennifer's sister Annie is graduating from high school this coming week. She's heading to Syracuse. My wife and I will be within 5 hours of each of her sisters. And Cooperstown. And Waterbury, VT, home of Ben and Jerry's. There's a factory tour.

I'm thinking about writing a poem for an event. It's a good choice in terms of "events," but I feel strange that my mind is wandering towards it. Fortunately, when asked initially, I said I wouldn't write something, but rather find something to read. It will be a happy surprise for the event planners, no doubt.

I'm happy that Keith Waldrop is teaching the first workshop next Fall. It was an incredible honor meeting him and his wife of so many years, Rosmarie. She spent a lot of time with us at a reading while in Providence and she was so kind.

The other class I'm thinking of taking is on Modernism in the English department. It's being taught by Mutlu Blasing and I've read some great essays from her. She has a book on form and politics in poetry. Sounds right up the alley I was heading in the Nowak essay.

My last day of work at Media Services is July 16.

I've been in a Leonard Cohen mood lately, not quite a "Leonard Cohen afterworld," though.

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