A Fellow Brown MFAer

Mark Baumer can't manage to write a novel, but he's writing fine blog posts. Check out his web page, which will be over on the side once this post is pages away.

Oh, and the dartboard image? That's my shot. It was magical.

Jennifer was useless, but it's darts: mano y mano and all that.


Mark said...

nice, thanks for the post
by the way, i no longer think jennifer is useless.
actually i never did
i just say things

btw, saw georgia pulled it out

Reginald Campbell said...

what is wrong with Mark? I have read some of his blog. He seems like he has spiders burrowing into his head and controlling parts of his brain. And he uses MS paint, I think. I would have posted this on his blog but I'm scared of him. I'm afraid I'll run into him at 7-11 even though I live 3000 miles away, because I go to 7-11 too, but only to buy donuts after 5pm when they're 50 cents each, instead of $1.19, and they're really damned good, too, even compared to grocery store donuts. But not compared to, say, Winchells donuts.