Locationality: The Ezra Pound Break Down

OK, so location CAN be important. It can be especially important if, say, you were arrested (probably rightly so) and put in an outdoor holding pen in which you had a few books, the view of a mountain, and a bunch of free time.

As Ezra Pound wrote the Pisan Cantos, these were his conditions. On top of being locked up, he lived every moment with the fear that, at any moment, he could be dead. I would imagine location would become very important.

But this still leads to my previous argument: Pound did not CHOOSE this location. This location was thrust upon him. Sure, he was in Italy, but to be locked up outside was not by choice. Obviously his choices led to the situation, but there was no direct agency.

The discussion can, in a way, come down to luxury: Pound did not have the luxury of bringing with him terribly specific items. He didn't have his desk or his chair or his fuzzy slippers. What he had in there was minimal, and he made it through more due to luck than anything else. He simply did not have the luxury of choosing to write. He wrote because it might have been the last thing he ever did.

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