Waiting on Joseph Ceravolo

I've had a bit of a history with Joseph Ceravolo and now, his Collected Poems are coming out from Wesleyan University Press. I'm excited, no doubt. Excited that someone who is way too underrated, especially among the other giants of the New York School, is getting what they finally deserve. Happy that the Ceravolo family has gotten what they wanted for their patriarch through hard work and smart decision making. 

I've been in touch with a few members of the family over the years, especially Joe's widow Rosemary and his son Jim. in fact, after the above piece was published on Octopus, it was Jim who wrote me, saying they weren't sure at the time how to go about getting Joe's work back into the world. Heck, I didn't know then either, but fortunately they were able to figure it out, surely with help from those who adore Joe's work.

It's been a bit of a road- I was admittedly disappointed not to get to help at all- but now I don't care. This Friday, I'll have my copy of Joe's poems to pour through. I've read a lot of his poems, no doubt, but I am trying to mentally prepare for what he has in store for me that might be new and vivid. I'm more excited than it's possible to know.

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