Joseph Ceravolo Project/Help Request

Today, an idea hit me: why not record and catalog as many of the 100 signed and numbered copies of Joseph Ceravolo's Transmigration Solo? As many of you know, The Joseph Ceravolo Project has been my labor of love since I discovered Ceravolo's work in 2005 (not that long ago and yet nearing a decade, strangely). I've written on TS in the past, of course, and hope to contribute to its history by keeping this record for its 100 signed and numbered copies.

If you know of a copy at your nearest university or public library or if you or someone you know has one, please email me at amishius at gmail dot com. Happy to contact that library or person to verify the number and signature. If it's yours or you help me, I'll gladly list you in the notes, even if it turns out the copy isn't not signed and numbered.

Follow the list over at the Ceravolo Project page- I'll update it as information rolls in.

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